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America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within. -Stalin

Thursday, January 27, 2005

CzyA's Technology Review for Jan 2005

I like technology so I am going to post monthly things I see and discuss and talk about them. Right now I am offering free advice to anyone that wants it. Just drop a line in the comments section on this site. Please give me a day or two to reply.

I think the biggest news this month has been from Apple with introduction of the Mac Mini. If you are looking to replace a basic home computer, already have keyboard and mouse, or looking for a media center to hook up to your TV, for USD 500 this is your choice. It used to be common myth that Apples and Windows were incompatable. This is no longer the case. I switched to Apple about 3 years ago when Mac OS 10.1 was realeased. It is a Unix-based operating system making Apple's extremely stable. Unix has been around since the 1960's. Its tried and true and many large businesses have been using some form of Unix for a very long tim. Apple just tied a nice user interface and bundled some really good programs into the Unix stable core and developed a damn good platform. Once I went 6 months without rebooting my iBook. The only time I do is after installing updates that require a restart. Its great.

Another great invention to come from this month's MacWorld Expo was the iShuttle. The flash memory music player from Apple. Wanted an iPod but don't want to spend $500? Well at USD 100 and USD 150, these little gum pack sized players might be what you want. I am considering purchasing one. While they only hold about 250 songs, I don't have more than about 300 on my iBook and only listen to about 50 on a regular basis. So this maybe ideal for those of that would like a portable MP3 music player with Apple's iTunes music store and ease of use.

Microsoft has announced that by this summer that you will have to prove you hav a ligit copy of Windows 2000 or XP to recieve access to major secuity updates. This is another attempt to thwart piracy. I understand their rational behind the move, but the problem is that this makes it even more complicated for home users to deal with. The new registration scheme for Windows XP, and Office XP, requring a connection to the internet or call a phone center to get an access code makes it damn inconveint. I am not convinced that this will do much to thwart piracy of MS products. I do think that if MS reduced its prices on Windows to $50 for Home edition and $150 for Professional that it might help thwart piracy even more. Big time MS profits come from their Office software, especially on Mac because Office for Mac is a great product!, not their OS.

Friday, January 21, 2005

W's in for the start of his next 2 years

In reality, George W. Bush has 2 years left in his presidency. His last two years he will be a lame duck. Why? After the mid-term congressional elections, the mandate of 2004's election will be over and people will begin making strides towards the 2008 election. This is why Bush is pushing his domestic agenda so early in his second term.

Social Security is the main focus of his domestic policy. Old people do like it because the feel as though they may lose current benefits. Its an understandable fear, but unfounded and here is why: if social security is not delt with now, my generation WILL cut those benefits in 20 years. Something has to be done with social security and there isn't an answer that will please anyone.

Here are a couple facts to consider. Back in 1968 my father had just started working for McDonnell Aircraft Company. He was in the finance area and read a report that stated that back at that time, someone that retired at age 62 drew pention for an average of 18 months. 65 as a retirement age was reached because the percentage of people that would draw social security, at that time, was a small pool and most would not draw for a long period of time. Forty years later, people are living well into their 70's and beyond at a much higher quality of life. Advances in health care has increased life span dramatically. This could not have been forcasted when the program was orginally designed. Using the same logic when Social Security was set up, people starting to work today should not be able to collect until 75 or 80. However, changing the age might actually cause 20-somethings to vote next time...not bloody likely...but.

What social security has done is the problem with most social welfare and many other projections: Ceteris Paribus. Ceteris Paribus is a term from latin often used in economics meaning "all things being equal" and also commonly known as: "If things continue...". We all know how well things remain equal. If they did remain equal, I'd be on my own private island after making a bucket load of gold by creating a Dot Com. I can remember it being stressed in my business statistics class that the longer a projection or forecast is made: the greater the margin of error. Any one else remember that USD 10 Billion surplus by 2010 the governement was supposed to have? The point is, anytime the government makes a project for more than about 12 months...chances are its not going to happen like they say it will.

Back to Social Security and what needs to be done. Personally, I'd prefer to see the money in my pocket that I could invest in a Roth IRA or 401K plan instead of the government's. Or a tax credit that you can use if you invest in your own retirement plan rather than the government's. The problem with most people is that if you just give them the money, they'll just spend it now instead of thinking about the future. Just look at consumer debt in this country (another topic for another day). However, I am all about personal freedoms and that people should take responsiblity for their own actions and mistakes instead of looking at the government. The government is not your father. Remeber that!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Welcome to my Czy World

A little about myself.

Well, I've worked for about 10 years in IT and computers doing everything from fixing PC's to managing designing and managing entire online browser-based online games. I read/write/speak native English and fluent German. I know some Dutch, Latin, and enough classical greek not to be completely ignorant...just 99.95% ignorant.

Note one of my beloved quotes from Josef Stalin at the top of this page. I believe it rings true and there are two other quotes from Stalin I think are true: "A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic" and "Objectively, social democracy is the moderate wing of fascism".

I shall explain why those words ring true even though March 5th should be a nation holiday in Russia. Didn't come up with that, a Russian professor I had once said it.