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Friday, February 18, 2005

The Church

My Namesake here is CzyAnglican. You can find me often online at the chatrooms under that tag. I am an Anglican. I grew up baptist and converted to the Episcopal Church USA. Why then is my name Anglican, simple: when I'm in the US I attend church at an Epsicopal Church which is part of the Anglican Communion. When I am in Europe I attend, usually, a Church of England parish. Its the same Anglo-Catholic faith...well mostly. We like to have politics in our church, just not church in our politics...*sigh*

Anyway, my questions of faith this week revolves around The Holy Scriptures, commonly called the Bible. The Episcopal Church is Catholic with a capital "C". We share a lot of common Tradition with our Roman and Greek Orthodox cousins and in the last 100 years, the three major "Catholic" churches have begun to bury 500 - 1500 years of bad blood and begun working together on relief projects and opening talks between the faiths. This is a good thing. Its nothing to brag about, but together we can do a lot more good for the suffering of the world.

Now our Church isn't perfect, but there are a few things I think the Episcopal Church is doing right. One major attraction for me was the three-legged of Scripture, Tradition, and Reason. It is a church that thinks and where questions are welcomed and opinions varied. It is not shunned, but welcomed, and while we may not all agree with everyone, there is respect.

It is Lent, so I will be posting my thoughts on my faith over the next few weeks.


Blogger "The Auld MacLaren" said...

"When I'm in the US I attend church at an Epsicopal Church, which is part of the Anglican Communion."

Ah, laddie, but for how much longer? The Anglican Communion, as we have understood it for the last hundred years or so, is about to pass away.... The crimes and follies of the ECUSA have greased the skids....

9:09 AM  

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