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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Looking for a good TV show? Try the Sci-Fi Channel

I've been a fan of sci-fi for years, but there is one show now on that is blowing away most of the shows on TV period: BattleStar Galactica. This is not the old series from 1979. Similar characters, similar ship, similar story background, but there is where the similarities end. This show has come good acting, great writing, interesting storyline(s), and most of all excellent character developement. No one is purely "Good" or "Evil". Each has their own faults and strengths and so far their interaction leaves you with a feeling of "What's going to happen next?". The downside is Baltar's on going affair with the human-like Number Six who seems bent on having Sex and talking about "God". No. 6 and Baltar often have some extremely interesting diologue, but always involving something in a sexual manner. While pleasing eye-candy, I think people watching the show get the point. I for one am ready to say, "Okay, next chapter please".

Two other shows to note also are the ones preceeding BSG: StarGate SG-1 and StarGate Atlantis. SG-1 will be entering its 9th Season this summer. Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O'neill [used to be MacGyver too]) will only be back as a guest star next season after being in the past 8 seasons. But Star Gate SG-1 is an Action/Comedy set in a sci-fi world. Where BSG is darker and serious Drama, SG-1 is lighthearted and fun. It follows an X-file style of on again, off again story-arcs that go through seasons and has had its share of dramatic plot twists and turns. Again, Characters have evolved and grown. Hallmark of good story development.

Star Gate Atlantis is in its first season. Its been a little ho-hum, but is starting to pick up. **Spoiler Alert** Unlike Voyager, they will be wrapping up the "Lost in space" part at the end of the first season. From there we'll have to see. But the characters, with McKay becomming a little less annoying, are starting to take shape.

So if your looking for some good TV, turn on the TV (or TIVO) on Sci-fi on Friday nights from 8PM/EST to 11PM/EST


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