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Friday, February 11, 2005

Mac Mini - Wait

I like the Mac Mini, especially if you are replacing an exsiting home system that is primarily used for Email and surfing the net, downloading digital pictures from your camera, and maybe making home movies. If you already have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, your ready to go or can hook it up to your TV. But there is two words of caution.

One - Its first generation Apple techology. There will be problems, always has been with first generation anything even Apple. Therefore I am saying wait until fall. Also, I expect to see OS 10.4 released this fall as well. Apple is rather bad about not giving away new OSes. I purchased my iBook a week before the release of OS 10.2 was announced. I was preparing to leave for Germany at the time and didn't have the luxury of waiting another week. If I had, I would have gotten OS 10.2 free when it was released. Instead I had to pay for the $70 student upgrade at the time.

Two - Lack of a Superdrive. The current offering is a DVD/CD-RW combo drive. You can still play DVD's and burn CD-Roms, but you cannot Burn DVD's. I imagine that Superdrive will be an option in the next generation of Mac Mini's. Then you can Play DVD and burn home made videos to DVD or CD-Rom.

I do believe that Apple has plans for a downloadable movie service much like the iTunes store and that the Mac Mini will be a home run seller for Apple and will be a great product. I would just wait for the next product offering this fall and then purchase.


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