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Sunday, October 16, 2005

CzyA's Tech Review - Fall 2005

I really should call this the Apple review. Here it goes.

Mac Mini - Okay, go ahead and buy it.

The latest offerings include a base of 512MB of ram, OS 10.4, and the option of a Superdrive. However, the price of the superdrive model makes you wonder if it wouldn't be cheaper and better to just buy the base $500 model and get a firewire external DVD burner.

iPod Nano - Great for the next must have trendy thing. Great for those that just want something to play songs, not play songs and carry all your pictures, and episodes of Desperate Housewives, and a base OS X install disk image. If you want something that will hold a lot of songs and just play songs, this sleek thing is the answer. The bad thing about it? Feels like I could put it in my pocket, forget about it and then sit on it. Also I loose things and I know I'd loose this thing.

Now I am not impressed with the new iPod phone. Why? I like my Cell Phone to make calls and my ipod to play music, not devices that do it all. Before long they will be including swiss army knifes with cell phone, ipod, and gps navigation. Call it the iSwissknife or iKife, or something. That is just me. I like things that do one thing great, not something that does a lot of things okay.

I've Been Busy

I've been busy the past few months with work and then my iBook finally died. The Logic board fizzeled out once again. While I'd love to buy a new one soon, I think it would be better to wait another six months or so and get one of the new Mactels when they come out in early 2006. I will be needing a new laptop for law school any way next fall hopefully.

Other ponderings.

SG-1 may have jumped the shark and might have been better off ending the show with everything in the SGC nicely wrapped up and moving Jackson or Carter to the Atlantis spin off. Atlantis seem to be going well with fun stories. The Stargate is not to be taken too seriously as a drama in the first place, but still is an enjoyable watch.

Battlestar Galactica on the other hand is continuing to be extremely well done for any TV shows on any network at the moment. The cliff hanger with Admiral Kane was great.

I saw Serenity and thought it was a good movie and having now seen Firefly for the first time, thought the series got seriously cheated by the networks. It is a shame that the movie maybe will make 30 million a the box office, although I imagine that it will do quite well on DVD sells. Serenity won't win any oscars, but it was a good enjoyable two hours to spend escaping from the ordinary lives. However with ticket prices $8.50 a pop, I'm not going to see too many movies anymore. In fact the four movies I've seen thus far have been: Sin City, Hitchhikers Guide, Episode III (twice), and Serenity. Nothing else really interested me. And I have to admit, that Hitchhiker's guide would have been a better rent or buy on DVD because the big screen didn't give a story based on writing a lot added effect. In that respect, Serenity too will make a good DVD buy.

The one thing I liked about Serenity/Firefly and Battlestar Galactica is that things don't always end nicely. People die, and main characters are no exception to that. These aren't the good ole star trek days were no one died, unless the actress quit and left the show.